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Step 1.   Assess whether the premises contains asbestos.
Take reasonable steps to identify ACMs by:

Looking at existing plans  
Consulting others, for example Maintenance staff, employees  
Completing a comprehensive inspection of the premises parts that are readily accessible.

If you are not sure if a material contains asbestos you must presume that it does unless you have strong evidence to the contrary.

Alternatively you can arrange to have samples taken and analysed to confirm if asbestos is present, and in what form. There are 2 types of survey or inspections available:
An Asbestos (Management) Survey
A Refurbishment/Pre-Demolition Asbestos Surey
It is possible to commission a combination of inspection types for different areas of a building, the inspection must record the position and condition of the ACMs.

Step 2.   Collate the information into an asbestos record.

Step 3.   Prepare a risk assessment of fibre release from the ACMs. If the material is in good condition it is preferable to leave it in place and introduce a management system unless it will be disturbed by activities in the building. If the ACMs are in poor condition encapsulation or removal may be required, (using licensed contractors if necessary).

When performing the risk assessment factors such as; the nature of the client’s business, traffic levels in the affected areas, impact risk, future plans for the building, the matrix the asbestos fibres are contained within eg. cement, vinyl floor tiles, or sprayed insulation should all be considered, in addition to the condition of the ACMs.

Step 4.   The risk assessment is then used as the basis for a written management plan. The written plan should identify the parts of the premises concerned and the measures to be taken to manage the risk specified. If materials are to remain in place they should be monitored and regularly maintained.

The management plan, including the information about the location and condition of the ACMs should be available to anybody liable to disturb the material, including the emergency services.

The dutyholder(s) are expected to update the plan regularly if there are reasons to suspect it is no longer valid, or if there has been a change in the premises, to make the relevant amendments

What Type of survey do YOU need - "Management" or "Refurbishment/Pre-Demolition"?