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What are the possible consequences of non-compliance? Non-compliance is a criminal offence. H.S.E. Inspectors have the power to issue prohibition notices, closing areas or entire properties. Companies can be fined unlimited amounts or individuals 20,000. Responsible individuals can be imprisoned for up to 2 years. Directors can be disqualified. You may have difficulty obtaining buildings insurance cover, or even invalidate your current policy.

What buildings and premises are affected? All non-domestic buildings and the common areas of residential rented properties, including halls, circulation areas, stairwell, corridors, lift shafts, roof spaces etc,.

Where do responsibilities lie? A Duty holder is anyone that is responsible for maintaining and repairing all or part of a property, or who is in overall control of a building. This may be an owner, landlord, or tenant.

How do the Regulations affect me? If you control or possess information about a building, you must co-operate with the dutyholder. Landlords must make available relevant information to new tenants and leaseholders must allow access for inspection by managing agents

When did this come into effect? The Regulation to manage became law from 21st May, 2004, as part of The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002  asbestos

So what do YOU need to do?